Hello, thanks for stopping by.  I'm a freelance food writer currently living in Dubai with my husband and and two energetic boys.  I am somewhat of an eternal student. I began with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management during my years working in the Chemical Industry. From there I progressed to Food Writing, Travel Writing, basic Food Photography and now Health and Nutrition Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I don't plan on stopping here. My goal is to continuously learn about nutrition and cooking techniques. 

My blog follows my passion for creating healthy and nutritious recipes using mostly whole foods. I have a strong interest in organic, sustainable and ethical farming, and eating of course.  I'm originally from South Africa and of Greek-Cypriot descent, hence all the Mediterranean influence in my cooking.

I believe everyday cooking should be simple, using fresh ingredients that you can purchase at your local supermarket or farmers market.  I appreciate that not everyone can shop at a farmers market or afford organic foods but I've seen the long term effects of poor quality eating and it's devastating to watch, let alone go through. My style of cooking is very relaxed and my recipes are suitable for beginner and experienced cooks alike.

A few years ago, we discovered that my husband has IBS and is intolerant to a lot of "normal" ingredients. It's been a long learning journey for both of us. These days I find myself adapting recipes so that we can still enjoy the foods we love, as well as a sweet treat every now and then. You'll probably find that the recipes I post from 2013 will be quite different to the older ones on this site. I hope you will enjoy my variations as I learn to adapt to a new way of cooking.

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