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Grilled halloumi salad

When Michael, my eldest son, was a toddler he became lactose intolerant for about a year. We cut out yoghurt and most cheeses except for one - goat and sheep’s milk halloumi. He didn’t react at all with this cheese and we used it grated over pasta in place of parmesan cheese. Even though he is no longer lactose intolerant, he grew so fond of this cheese that it’s still one of his favourite pasta toppings.

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Basic granola recipe

How are your healthy cooking goals coming along? By now you've probably realised that healthy cooking is so much more than just a trip to the farmer's market. It's also about understanding how to navigate your way through a supermarket without getting tricked into buying "healthy" fake food, how to save time in the kitchen, or perhaps meal prep is more helpful to you.

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Courgette omelette

Courgettes, also known as zucchini, are grown in abundance in the Middle East and Mediterranean. They’ve become a staple vegetable to buy and I’m always looking for new ways to to cook with them. Roasting, steaming or stuffing are also good options, but this recipe for courgette omelette is one of my favourites. When I was living in Cyprus, a similar dish was often prepared as a side dish and is prepared entirely in a large pan. They do the same with wild greens or Horta, simply cooked in a pan with local olive oil, flavoured with fresh local herbs, a few eggs thrown in and cooked until set. That’s as quick and nutritious as you get.

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