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Tomato soup with feta

Soup season isn’t over yet. As the weather warms up, tomatoes are coming in are tastier and juicier than ever. Tomatoes are a natural source of Lycopene which benefits from being cooked, unlike other foods which may lose their some of their nutrients during cooking. So think simple soups, all-in-one stews and fresh pasta sauces for this nightshade fruit.

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Louvana (yellow split pea soup)

Nutritious soups make everything better. From seasonal viruses to the common cold or even if the weather has started to change (in Dubai it finally cools down in November), having a few homemade soup recipes is an easy way to get your five a day and make the most of the seasons’ vegetables. The recipe I’m sharing below is a nourishing Greek Cypriot soup made with yellow split peas called Louvana.

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