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Chocolate and walnut baklava roll

This moreish chocolate and walnut filled baklava, drenched in a honey syrup, has to be one of my favourite versions of the classic Greek dessert. If you’re a fan of this crispy layered pastry you’re probably also aware that the recipe usually contains a lot of butter and sugar. This month I’m sharing a healthier recipe using only honey as a sweetener and a few ingredients with big flavours, such as walnuts, 70% dark chocolate, cinnamon, rose water, and lemon.

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It’s finally December and I can’t wait to share some of my favourite Christmas recipes. What better way to start off festive season with these honey dipped beauties – Melomakarona. They are often baked at Christmas time, have all the usual flavours of Christmas – cinnamon, orange zest and honey.

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Fudgy chocolate brownies

“True strength is when you can break a bar of chocolate into four pieces with your bare hands – then just eat one.” – Unknown

For chocolate lovers, the struggle between balancing your cravings for more versus what you really should eat can be a little frustrating. Since my boys discovered the enchanting world of chocolate, it’s been a constant challenge to try and make all things chocolate a little healthier.

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