Mini spelt pancakes


Weekends are for late lazy breakfasts in our house. The kids are squealing and playing in their pyjamas while the grown ups are still sipping coffee and trying to wake up with all the commotion going on. At some point I pick myself up and whisk together a batch of these four ingredient scotch pancakes. The original recipe comes from the Baby-led weaning cookbook, a book I’ve used to help and guide me through introducing solids into my both my boys’ diets.

My kids were baby-led weaned from the age of six months. While I’m no expert on kids diets, I wished that someone had mentioned this weaning method to me when I was looking into it. I knew all about puréeing baby foods because that was the most prefered weaning method. I came across baby-led weaning by accident while I was researching the best foods to start with. I loved it when I first read about it, stuck it out through the messy phase and my husband looking at me with that “Are you sure about this?” face. Both my boys enjoyed eating the same foods as us and mostly I remember the excitement and joy on their faces! It was worth all the mess and cooking family meals with no salt at all. We’ve had our ups and downs with certain foods (both kids were and still are so different) but generally I’d say they are both healthy eaters and enjoy a variety of foods and flavours. The worse phase happened for us around the age of two and just to be clear, no method will guarantee your child will eat all fruit and vegetables.

I also do a lot of dairy-free cooking and prefer spelt flour over wheat all-purpose flour. This is mainly due to my husband’s allergies and food intolerances. I’ve adapted many recipes without it interfering with the kids diet. I generally don’t like to exclude anything other than to limit junk food. They don’t really notice that my pancakes are any different to others. I do the same for everything from cakes to cookies and even bread (we love a Roman style spelt loaf or warm spelt olive bread). The recipe below is adapted and you could also make it vegan by replacing the egg with one medium mashed banana. The egg version is lighter, and banana version is bit more dense but equally delicious and nutritious for little ones.


Serves 4

1 cup spelt flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 organic egg

150ml coconut milk (or any other milk)

Coconut oil for cooking

  1. Whisk all the ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Heat a little oil in a frying pan.

  2. Use one or two tablespoons of batter for each pancake (depending on the age of your child). I make three pancakes at a time. Cook on medium heat until small bubble start to appear around the edges. Flip them over and cook on the other side until lightly golden. Repeat until all the batter is used up.

  3. Serve with fresh fruit. For toddlers and older drizzle with honey, maple syrup or serve with peanut butter and maple spread. When cooled, the pancakes are also ideal for lunch boxes.


1 tablespoon peanut butter

2 tablespoons maple syrup

  1. Mix together in a small bowl and spread over pancakes, toast or use as a dip for fresh fruit.

  2. Adjust the consistency by adding more or less maple syrup.